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Bank of America Concerns Drive Mortgage Rates Down, But Promising Housing Starts and Encouraging Earnings Reports Shorten The Rate Rally

October 22, 2010

As I began writing this week’s commentary, I realized I had exhausted my analogies for the ebb and flow of rates we have seen over the past months. That is until I thought back over the years to my Junior Year at West Point standing in a platform above a Long Island night spot with a bungee cord tied to my ankles preparing for the plunge. Then I remembered the jump into the void and the plummet to the bottom of my descent. As soon as I reached that point, I was pulled back violently into the air as the elastic reached its limit. Propelled to a new high-point, I again dropped. Up and down I went for several iterations with gravity and the bungee cords sending me up and down. This, more than anything I have written, describes our current volatile environment with competing forces pulling rates violently to and fro.

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